The issue of waste is a global challenge, and it has significant impacts on the environment. In Indonesia, waste contributes to 6.94% of GHG emissions, and the amount of plastic leakage into the environment is projected to double to 44 metric tonnes per year. Moreover, the accumulation of plastics in lakes, rivers, and oceans is expected to triple due to the increasing volume of plastic waste.
Catalyst Changemakers Ecosystem
CCE is a game-changing ecosystem focused on convening and empowering multi-sector stakeholders via our Catalyst Changemakers Lab (CCL) and Pilot Projects. By convening the changemakers and catalyzing their innovations, we aim to reduce waste, improve water access and build resilience against disasters in Indonesia for all.
In recent years, a synergy between Indonesian entrepreneurs, venture capital, government and angel investors has brought Jakarta as an “Emerging Ecosystem” that has produced homegrown unicorns. The unicorns have given economic opportunities to the underserved through marketplace, logistic services, ride hailing and improved the country's financial inclusion.
The lab aims to figure out the minimum system requirement and best fit strategy to give birth, strengthen and mature the ecosystem in various context, issues, and scale.

Our research includes:
  • Political economy analysis
  • Design research
  • Case studies
  • Evaluation studies
  • System and Individual assessment and diagnosis, and
  • Development of science-backed tools
We scope
Setting the foundation:
  • Understand the minimum system requirements to initiate an ecosystem
  • Identify territories, stakeholders, political-economy dynamics and problems related to climate resilience
  • Advise on where and how to start
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